Authenticity Guarantee

At Zeus Vintage you can be safe in the knowledge that all our items are 100% authentic and thoroughly checked by our in-house experts. We have years of experience selling luxury vintage online and regularly sell to the most prestigious fashion houses in the world, whether that be for inspiration or for their own archives. Our regular clients also include fashion museums, celebrities, stylists and costume designers and many items from our archive have ended up in film and TV. We offer a money back guarantee that your items will be genuine. If you're concerned about items not fitting or suiting you we also offer 14 day returns policy which you can read here.

Below we've added a list of just a few of the ways we identify authenticity. 


Most of our items we purchase from private clients and prestigious auction houses. However we still thoroughly research every item we have to authenticate and have over a hundreds books on fashion houses and designers which we use for reference to find the particular collection to see if the items and features match the correct collection. We also pour through or collection of runway archives and lookbooks. 

Fabric and construction

Due to the incredible workmanship and museum worthy quality of our items, we would hope that it is immediately obvious to layman and fashion expert alike that all our items are genuine. 


However, we check many construction features to determine authenticity including the quality of embroidery, type of weave etc. This is particularly important with haute couture - we are able to discern the difference between machine stitching and couture level hand sewing. Another telltale sign is that designers use techniques that would be too expensive for a counterfeiter to reproduce for example hand set linings, welted buttonholes and perfectly lined up prints. 


We check all labels to make sure that they match the correct label for the era. We also check care labels on more modern items and check their serial codes to determine the collection, color etc and make sure they match the garment.

Vintage Experience

Our experience is particularly different against say designer consignment stores in that we specialise in vintage clothing and have sold thousands of vintage designer items since opening our store. This allows us to make sure that the label in the item matches the correct decade / era. For example, a Simint label (which was used in Moschino jeans clothes prior to 1994, wouldn't be used in a Love Moschino item which was founded in 2008) and a 1970s Giorgio Sant Angelo label wouldn't belong in a 1950s full skirt dress.