Vintage Designer Profile: Renato Balestra

Renato Balestra - The Roman Couturier




Born in the Italian city of Trieste, Renato Balestra's story is an entertaining one, it has been said that it was fashion that chose Balestra, not Balestra that chose fashion. He originally chose to follow his father's career path by choosing a degree in civil engineering. In the last year of his study in civil engineering, a jovial bet was made between him and his friendsfor him to create a clothing design, so awestruck by his talent, his friends, unknowingly to Balestra, sent his designs to the Chamber of Fashion in Milan where he was invited to show a haute couture collection.


It was from this haute couture collection that he decided to start his own label, where he found international success with clients as diverse as the Queen Sirikit of Thailand and the princess of Jordan to world-renowned actresses and society women. Vintage Renato Balestra are made so incredibly, with a delicate hand and appreciation for a woman's sensuality - the couture dresses you will see in our store are constructed fully by hand, with luxurious, intricate beading in soft silk chiffons and organzas. 




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