New In Highlights: 1980s Jean Claude Jitrois Leather Jacket


One of the highlights of our new items this week is a blue and black Jean Claude Jitrois Leather Jacket from the 80s. The shape is both feminine and architectural with amazing puffed sleeves, that feel so current, and a matching belt that pulls in the waist. 



Jean Claude Jitrois Blue & Black Leather Womens Jacket from the 1980s.Label of 1980s Jitrois leather jacket. Puffed sleeve vintage leather jacket from the 80s.


Jean Claude Jitrois is known for his luxury leatherwear and his fashion house was founded in 1976. He has dressed the likes of Brigitte Bardot and Brooke Shields in his sexy, timeless designs. This great history and immaculate quality of his garments explain why his jackets and dresses still retail for thousands of dollars today.


For a great overview of the world of Jitrois and in particular his work with the famous French singer, Dalida please check out the Palais Galliera's (the fashion museum of Paris) French language video of the their special exhibition, where you can see many of his designs and other pieces worn by Dalida, including a leather dress from the same collection as this jacket. 



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