Men's Vintage Designer Profile: Giuliano Fujiwara

Men's Vintage Designer Profile: Giuliano Fujiwara


The Japanese born fashion designer Giuliano Fujiwara started his label in Milan in 1986. His work stands apart from fellow Italian contemporaries due to his refined, minimalist aesthetic but with the brilliant tailoring and innovative fabrications that Italian menswear is known for. 


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Vintage Giuiliano Fujiwara clothing has much more nuance than just East-meets-West though, incorporating avant garde details and American Ivy League influences into the mixture, adding an extra dimension to his designs. 


For examples of how Fujiwara's multifaceted inspirations perfectly come together, check out the video below of his Autumn Winter 2003 collection on the Fashion Channel's Youtube. In this collection you can see pieces like a simple sweater vest, traditionally a preppy American style that has been elevated with an intricate, textural macrame surface design trimming the neck and sleeves and made stark and simple in a fine grey knit. Other interesting designs to note are the ultra cropped double breasted jacket and a 1960s Japanese-schoolboy-meets-yuppie outfit on a model that comes out nonchalantly riding a bicycle.  


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