Magazine Feature: Maggie Semple - Eye of the Beholder


We're delighted to announce that two items of designer vintage clothing from our store have recently been featured in the latest issue of the Maggie Semple magazine, Issue IX, cleverly named 'the Eye of the Beholder'. Styled by Jessica Wykes (@jesswykes) who has an incredible eye and photographed by the extremely talented Leanne Dixon (@leannedixon) - whose website can be found here. The setting was perfect and really showed the best of our items, you can see the ethereal shoot below:

Here is our vintage Moschino suit in action, it has since sold but you can find our other vintage Moschino clothing here


These Mondi culotte shorts are from a set, which has also very recently sold but you can find our other vintage suits and ensembles here

Please be sure to check out Issue IX of the Semple Magazine here - it's a free (in both senses of the word) magazine and we're sure you won't regret it! 



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This vintage suit is really adorable because of its bright colours and unique cuts.I just love this outfit

bella lauren

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