Bold Print: 5 Top Vintage Designers Who Use Print

This list compiles five of the greatest designers of the 20th century, who have mastered the use of print. These illustrious five are artists as much as they are fashion designers, creating interesting, eyecatching prints that have a story to tell and resonate with the character of the wearer. 


1. Emilio Pucci

Kaleidoscopic, psychedelic swirls make Pucci prints possibly the most instantly recognisable patterns of all time. That is, even without seeing his 'Emilio' signature, which was printed throughout his designs. So powerful were Pucci's brightly coloured prints in fashion, that the House of Pucci still stays very relevant and impactful today, 66 years after he first opened it in Capri, Italy. Best known for his use of print on luxurious silk jersey, that gives incredible drape and clarity, Pucci also printed on other sumptuous fabrics such as on the silk lamé blouse we have in stock at the moment. 


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2. Leonard of Paris

With a similar appeal to Pucci, and almost definitely inspired by Emilio, Leonard Paris are known for their bold prints on luxury textiles but with a more geometric look and often oriental and floral patterning. Founded by Jacques Leonard and French designer, Daniel Tribouillard - Leonard is still going strong today and a vintage Leonard dress has become a must-have for any vintage collector, particularly one with a keen eye for colour and clean lines.


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3. Roberto Cavalli

Cavalli's technique of printing on suede and leather made him legendary in the 1970's and that legend continues today.  An artist who uses textiles as his canvas, his first works were incredible bohemian masterpieces, with ethnic and folk influences from around the world, particularly using Indian and Oriental imagery as inspiration. 


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4. Gianni Versace 

Gianni Versace and the House of Versace were so iconic for bold prints and the trademark Medusa head logo that baroque and Greek prints in the style of Versace are never off the catwalk - but his designs had an Italian sophistication and class that the knockoffs never could duplicate. That is the reason why the house of Versace, now under Donatella Versace, remains as one of the most important fashion houses in the world. Always opulent and whimsical his most iconic designs are his printed from the iconic 1993 tarzan print - which you can find on our blouse here to the legendary Marilyn and James Dean Warhol dress from SS 1991.


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5. Zandra Rhodes

First and foremost a textile designer, Zandra Rhodes prints her whimsical, artistic patterns on the finest silk chiffons and organzas creating a breathtaking, ethereal, bohemian aesthetic. She hand-printed most of her designs in her Zandra Rhodes studio and she has an artistic vision like no other, her prints are fluid and otherworldly - with each collection having a strong concept. One of the greatest British designers ever, her designs from the 1970s are sought after by the fashion elite - with Nicole Richie being a big fan of her vintage designs and even Princess Diana wore so many of her designs in the 80s.  


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