Valentino Spring 2006 - "Standing apart from fake couture" October 20 2017, 0 Comments

Valentino Spring Summer 2006


From the S/S 2006 collection, our latest arrival is a Valentino yellow silk gown, as seen on the runway. For this collection Valentino was quoted as saying that his mission was to "stand apart from all the fake couture that has dominated the runways for the past few seasons". 


See the dress featured at 13:29


Vogue said of the collection, "Valentino rose to the challenge, upping his already haute luxe factor and sending out a spring collection that was fresher and lighter than it's looked in a long time". 


Preowned Valentino maxi dress for spring and summer

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I Dream of Ruffles. Vintage Editorial Featuring Jane Birkin & Charlotte Rampling, 1972 August 22 2016, 0 Comments

Ruffles are so incredibly fun and playful, and incidentally, very on-trend for both SS16 and upcoming AW16. This editorial, shot by the master, David Bailey for Vogue UK March 1st, 1972 shows just how glamorous and sophisticated they can be.


Featuring two glamorous ladies, Charlotte Rampling, an icon of the sixties and early 70s, known for her work in European arthouse films, and the stunning Jane Birkin, the woman who the infamous Hermés Birkin was named after. Both wearing incredible dresses by Chanel, Givenchy and Dior, this vintage editorial showcases perfectly how vintage ruffled dresses are timeless and dramatic. 


Vintage Chanel Polka Dot Organza Dress, Photo by David Bailey for Vogue March 1972


This incredible, polka dotted, frilled organza dress has an olive green sash and is by Chanel. Photo by David Bailey.


Vintage Bronze and White Givenchy dress, Photo by David Bailey for Vogue March 1972


A stunning 'bronzed brown' and white organza dress by  Givenchy. Photo by David Bailey.


Vintage Silk Dior Blouse with ruffles and matching silk crepe pants by Dior. Photo by David Bailey for Vogue - March 1972


Jane Birkin wears white georgette frilled top by Dior and silk crepe trousers, also by Dior. Photo by David Bailey


Vintage Christian Dior Frilled Dress by Marc Bohan. Photo by David Bailey for Vogue, March 1972.


'Vulnerable beauty in fragile frills from Dior'. Photo by David Bailey. 


New Collection: Fairytale July 31 2016, 0 Comments


Inspired by the trends of Autumn/ Winter 2016/17 seen recently, our latest collection has a real Fairytale ending. The products in this collection have been carefully curated to add a dramatic alternative to the themes of next season's fashion, with all the quality and individuality of vintage.


For Fall 2016 we're seeing clothes straight from a storybook, with romantic ruffles, Victorian and Renaissance influences, heavy folk touches with embroidery all culminating in a magical, sparkling look straight out of a storybook. Of course, the overarching theme of fashion trends for AW16 is, as it was for the last few seasons, the 1970s, with maxi lengths, embroidery, brocades and velvets all being features of 1970s vintage clothing - so a lot of this collection will include a lot of 70s, but we have a great mix of eras too. 


One of the biggest influencers on our fairytale collection has to be Fendi, whose 100th Anniversary collection was undoubtedly one of the most memorable we've seen this year. Even the setting, the Trevi fountain was otherworldly. 




As seen above, Fendi's AW16 collection is heavily influenced by fairytales and this particular dress bares a striking resemblance to our Art Nouveau maxi dress by David Gibson of Regent Street, an enigmatic label that produced beautiful, high quality clothing during the era that London was in full swing and paved the way for global fashion at the time. Both of these dresses excellently show how the fairytale theme can be both bold and sophisticated - you don't necessarily need all the frills and ruffles seen lately. 




These Gucci dresses are magnificently fairytale



If you do love ruffles however, the fairytale collection is certainly for you. Our Hanae Mori dress seen below has perfect ruffled sleeves in pastel tones that conjure up such romance. Our Ungaro dress has a slightly more Victoriana feel, with gold lace, velvet AND taffeta - a truly maximalist approach to the fairytale theme but with a French elegance. 


              Vintage fairytale renaissance inspired dress

vintage pastel ruffled dress perfect for aw16vintage art nouveau dress from the 1970s perfect for a storybook trend, aw16Velvet, gold lace and taffeta dress by French designer Emanuel Ungaro, 1980s